28 August 2012

KOKO camden/closing ceremony - late post

 okay this post is extremely late! WOOPS! but anyway, two weeks ago me and a group of mates went out in London to celebrate our birthdays! We went to see Annie Mac Presents at Koko, i've seen her two or three times before and she never fails to present good new music! her main act was MADEON who to my disbelief is only 17! SEVENTEEN! just look at the photo above of him...i thought he was about 12, but anywho he's amazing and i love his music! i wore my new silky baggy t-shirt dress and trainer wedges from River Island. It was a really good night!

the next day, i dragged my bored hungover state into London to meet my sister to go and watch the Olympic Closing Ceremony (i know i told you this was a late post, sorry) it was amazing though wasn't it...after uming and arring we decided to go and watch it in Victoria Park, and after queing with some extremely drunken fools for 45 minutes...we were in! here are some of my photos (taken with my crappy camera)

 silly sister!
we could actually see the ceremony fireworks from where we were standing, right behind the big screen! so much fun!

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  1. I love madeon and his music :D

    sounds like you had a great time :D

    rebecca x