25 January 2012

Work Experience: Day 1

I had my first day of work experience today at Aurora Fashions photography department - this is what i wore. Only a quick pic from when I arrived home at 7.45pm after leaving the house at 7.45am! LONG DAY, but that's what you get when commuting in and out of London.

Jumper - h&m, Shirt - Charity shop (50p), Jeans - Topshop, Socks - Accessorize, Brogues - Primark, Necklace - Accessorize (from my boyfriend who turned up at my door last night to surprise meeee, eeeeee:))

Aurora Fashions combines fashion brands, Oasis, Coast and Warehouse, I was there from 9-5.30pm today, helping set up the studio lights, observing, helping out with video/catwalk software, learning about coding the items of clothing and watching the retouchers. The photographic production manager also had two model castings which I saw, which I thought was cool. The two models that were with us all day were SO bloody tall and skinny, I didn't want to stand next to them :( I did a lot of standing around watching today, so next week i'm going to see if I can get more hands on with photographing the models and using softwares (I was too shy to ask today)

Soph x

22 January 2012

leather and bondage

My bitching and junkfood suspender shorts arrived yesterday from Urban Outfitters, although they're a bit too tight (must lose weight) i love them loads! I am going to see The Maccabees with my girls on Thursday and this is going to be my outfit I think, either these or my AA disco pants which I bought with my student loan as well as these and a lot of other stuff! OOPS!
I didn't dare go outside to take photographs today as it's so windy and I don't actually want my mum to see these shorts just yet...god knows what she's going to say! My remote control arrived for my Canon, so I stayed in my room to take these photos :)

Cross Vest - Topshop, Shorts - Bitching and Junkfood (Urban Outfitters), Stockings - River Island

Also I bought this lovely little black tree jewellery holder from UO (well actually I accidently bought 2, so i'm taking the other one back this week lol) and the watch I am wearing in the photos.

My lovely week off has come to an end and the next few weeks/months are probably going to be hectic! Let me tell you what i've got going on...
  • Back to Uni
  • Work Experience at Aurora Fashions starts this Wednesday for the next 6 weeks
  • The Maccabees
  • Working every weekend
  • Whilst trying to squeeze in driving lessons for my test which is booked (crapping my pants btw)
  • Seeing my boyfriend and hopefully booking our holiday :)
  • Also trying to fit in trips to the gym!!!


19 January 2012


These are not my photographs. Here is some of the inspiration that i've collected for my next project at uni, over the next 2 and a half months i will be experimenting with my photography skills, creating self portraits that represent myself and ideas and feelings i have. i'm getting really excited thinking about doing it, but i'm sure when I go back to uni next week and get essays, reports and presentations thrown at me, my enthusiasm will fade...
Soph x

18 January 2012

Black and Cream

 Jumper - h&m, Dipped Hem Dress - Topshop, Boots - River Island

Shirt - h&m, Playsuit - River Island

Took these a while ago, hadn't taken any photos in a while as it's been so cold, brrrrr. So just got my face on and decided to take some snaps of some of my new clothes. But i've bought a hell of a lot more (which i shouldn't have) recently, so when I recieve my remote control for my Canon in the mail, I will be posting some more photos -  FYI, this is very new to me and i'm only just beginning so bare with me ;)

Soph x