19 March 2012

house of balloons

just a few images i took for my negotiated project, which is now finally all handed in! after 7 months of procrastination and a bit of hard work, it's over and guess what...i've got about 5 other projects to be getting on with! haha

4 March 2012

what i've been up to...

I am a rubbish blogger, I have had blogspot for months and only posted 3 times! Goodness me! It's because i've been so busy recently with uni, photoshoots, driving lessons, working, work experience in London, going on 6 mile walks, etc...

These photographs below, I am going to use for my negotiated project which I talked about in a previous post, creating 6 self portraits and layering them with other images. I got this project last year in september/october and I still haven't finished it, when the deadline is in a week and a half! WOOPS!

Me and my family are going to the Isle of Wight Walking Festival in May, and we're going to be walking 78 miles in 3 days! So last Sunday my Dad, Brother, Sister and I decided we needed to get some practice and training and went for a walk, as it was such a beautiful day! However nobody told me we were going to be walking 6 miles, so I wasn't prepared (leaving the house in my ugg boots) but it turned out to be great, we walked around the Chiltern hills, around Ashridge Estate and Aldbury Village along a National Trust Walk. When we started it was 1pm and we thought it would only take 2 hours or so, we got back to the car at 5.30pm! haha. Only because I was stopping to take photographs every 5 minutes and because my Dad is a little overweight we were waiting for him too. The whole thing is his idea actually because he's realised he needs to lose some weight and we're happy to support him and do it too! 78 MILES, going to mean i'll be losing a fair bit of flab around my waist too! WOOHOOO! Here are some of the photos I took.

We went into the grounds of this house to photograph some snowdrops, and my Dad told me that the house used to be owned by Hugh Hefner and it was a secondary English home to some of the Playboy bunnies, my Dad and his friend used to play golf on the grounds back in the day. hahaha!

On my fourth day of Work Experience at Aurora Fashions, I got the chance to go to a London Fashion Week Show, the stylists at Aurora applied for tickets and they managed to get hold of 3 tickets for Ji Cheng's AW12 Catwalk show. I went along with two of the stylists and it felt such a thrill to be there, even though she's not a well known designer. Here are some of the photos I took:

ALSO, I am selling a lot of clothes, shoes and bags on eBay at the moment, please go and have a look at:

Soph xxx