21 February 2013

Brighton Tattoo Convention

my good friend jack was supposed to be exhibiting his work at the Brighton Tattoo Convention last week, so me and macca went down for the afternoon, to see him and his work and experience what it was like, as we had never been to anything like this, having just one tattoo between us (on me). Unfortunely Jack wasn't able to hang or sell his work in the end, so was just there selling some zines that he had made and giving out his business cards. We had a lovely day though...

It was an overwhelming experience, never seen so many tattoos all in one place in our lives and watching people getting their tattoos done too. It really made me want to get another one, i'm not really a tattoo fanatic, i've got one and i don't feel an addictive urge to go out and get another one, although i would love more. I've got my whole life to get tattoos, i've got one in mind that i'd like to get this year. We decided to go for a walk around the lanes to find somewhere to eat, and macca spotted this little mexican restaurant where we settle in from the cold. I ordered a HUGE burrito (below) and macca had an equally large mexican burger with sweet potato fries..mmmmmm. 

gorgeous man! 

macca then decided he wanted a cupcake so we went to a cute little cake shop and he bought TEN!! yummmmmm!! I then insisted that we had to go down to the beach despite how cold it was, i dragged macca down there and took these beautiful sunset photographs of the pier and the flocking seagulls and some other type of bird i couldn't see. Had a lovely lovely day with my boy and i absolutely love brighton, going to be coming back here soon, for photographic opportunities and when it gets to summer aswell. xxx