29 May 2012

the BEST weekend

hello guys!
this is a blog post dedicated to the most awesome weekend that i have just had; it was my friend Sadie's 21st birthday yesterday and we have been celebrating since Friday! The photos below are some from Tiger Tiger, in London, where we got all dressed up for and danced crazily on Friday night...

 the birthday girl - what a pretty picture :)

this is me, after a lot of vodka, champagne and sothern comfort!
 Then on Saturday night Sadie had a party/BBQ which was so awesome!! Macca came with me and everybody chatted, ate burgers, steak and sausages and drank the night away! I had far too many Desperados (my new favourite drink as it has tequila in it)...

 maccas beautiful fluffy hair haha!
too much alcohol...
me just being...me
 Sadies absolutely amazing Bob Marley cake!! (she loves him a wee bit too much)
 isn't he gorgeous
 me and my girls a bit worse for wear near the end of the night hahaha
 catching Amy in my arms...what a hero!
and i had to add this last photograph of Macca mowing the lawn, because he's just too cool! hahaha he's going to kill me if he reads this :)

So yeah i have had the most amazing weekend...it was followed by chilling the fuck out in Maccas back garden with Watch the Throne playing, sipping cider, eating chicken and then watching Soccer Aid and then on Monday taking a road trip to Windsor and taking Sadie back to her University in Staines WHICH by the way looks and feels like Hogwarts! I was mesmerised by their halls building (i will post a photograph when i do my instagram post)

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Sophie xxx

23 May 2012

start of summer

helllooooo again!
it is such a B-E-A-UTIFUL day, the same as yesterday and i am so lucky to have NOTHING to do (so glad i didn't agree to do any extra hours this week), so i can lounge around in the sun, and finally get some sort of real tan! Yesterday i spent the day with Georgia and Amy, we went into town quickly so i could post some things i sold on eBay and then mooch for a bit, we then went up to the pub to grab a quick lunch - we had a plate of 30 chicken wings, breaded prawns, nachos and curly fries...not exactly healthy but nevermind, we couldn't finish it anyway! Me and Amy also grabbed a quick Pear Magners Cider and i (the lightweight) managed to get a little tipsy...soooo we then we decided to go to the shop and  buy some bottles of wine and head back to Georgias to clean her car and get drunk in the afternoon haha WOOPS! oh well it's summer summer summer time. After that we came back to mine and carried on the drinking in my backgarden after i whipped on a bikini and lounged around in the sun, until we decided to go and get a sunbed. Sooo a very productive day but by about 7pm when we had stopped drinking i started to get a hangover :( boo. It was one of the best days of 2012 so far and i'm so excited for more to come...

Today's photographs are of a prospective outfit for friday night when i'm out to celebrate my friends 21st birthday. I might not wear the suspenders and stockings because i wore suspenders last time i went out and i think that may look a bit too slutty, but i just threw them on and liked it. THEN i threw on my ASOS kimono that i've had for about 2 months now and not worn (i haven't really known what to wear it with), it's sheer black and sleeveless with what looks to me like eyes all over it and i absolutely love it! very festival-esque.

oh, and also i've got straight hair...Georgia did it for me yesterday as she is the only one with enough patience to actually do it (i usually give up half way and end up with a fluffy mess)...

 Kimono - asos (in the sale)
Black backless t-shirt - Monki
Mint leather shorts - Topshop
Suspenders - Primark
Stockings - River Island
Boots - eBay
Sunglasses - RayBan

yeahh i took a lot of photos but it was a lot of fun twirling around in the sunshine :) yaaayyyy...this was this morning and since then i have been sunbathing and reading magazines and i am now off for a jog with the girls...determined to get a six pack this summer you see

byeeeee xxx

21 May 2012

accidental spending...

I went up to London last Monday to see my sister and her new house and do a bit of shopping! I made my way up Oxford Street from Primark to Topshop, I did plan on going to Camden and Brick Lane my other favourite places to shop but as it was a crappy rainy day i just stuck to one place. I hadn't been properly shopping in aaaaages, so thought i would treat myself to a few bits, this is what i got...

Mint Leather Shorts - Topshop -£27
Black Mini Summer Dress - Primark - £6
Neon Green Bikini - H&M £17.99
Dark Grey jumper - River Island £20
Floral Jeans - M&S sale - £15 (plus my staff discount)
Baby Blue Bobbly Leggings - Primark £6
Black/Grey Denim shirt - H&M in selfridges £19.99

Thought they were all massive bargains and I will be wearing them all very soon and i will try and blog some outfit posts (not that i have any followers haha). I bought most of this stuff for my friends 21st birthday that is this weekend, we're going to tiger tiger in London and then she is having a party on the saturday - and i just can't decide what to wear!!! nightmare!

After about 6 or 7 hours of shopping I met my sister, went to Carnaby Street for a quick look in Monki - my new FAVOURITE shop :) then we went back to her lovely little flat in Elephant & Castle, ate paella, watched James Bond and drank hot chocolate! It was a lovely day but i won't lie i feel terribly guilty about spending £100 on clothes when i'm supposed to be saving for NEW YORK in july/august!!!