29 August 2012

Harry Potter Studio Tours

the flying car from the Chamber of Secrets
 us being DIY Harry Potters for the day
the cupboard under the stairs :(
everyone loves Hagrid
 The Great Hall
 the ice sculpture/drinks thing from The Goblet of Fire

 Ron's Bed
the trippiest corridor i have ever seen...i almost fell over looking at it!
 Griffindor Common Room
 Dumbledore's office
Diadem of Ravenclaw 
 Hagrid's House :)
 Maudauder's Map which was hand written by a graphic designer and had hidden names and messages in it. so clever!
 BUTTER BEER!!! this is me trying to decide whether i liked it or not. it was such a confusing mix! a kind of fizzy beer with really really sweet cream on top! one minute i liked it, the next it was like urghhh and then i felt sick, but then it was good at the same time! it wouldn't be my drink of choice haha, but i still bought a cup ;)
Nearly Headless Nick (John Cleese)


 Diagon Alley

okay so i'm a die hard Harry Potter fan, i watch the films all the time, one after the other, in random orders...infact i'm watching one right now, yet i have only just visited the Studios which are literally 20 minutes down the road from where i live! this is due to not having a car...but anyway we all went for my friend Amber's 21st birthday!! i was so bloody excited and ohhh myy goooddd it was so much more than i was expected! I was mesmerised, they have everything you could think of in that museum, every prop, nearly every set, masks, all the working special effects and machinery they used...EVERYTHING! i took well over 200 photos in there because it was all so incredible...everybody else i was with finished about 20 minutes earlier than me because i just wanted to learn about how they did everything! I would definitely go again, even on my own, i would.

I recomend you go, go on... RIGHT NOW!!

Soph xx

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  1. Amazing so jealous,I will visit one day hopefully soon :-)