24 September 2012


okay, i was supposed to get my student loan through TODAY and it hasn't arrived, as you can imagine i am extremely annoyed!! i had so many plans for this week as it's my last week of the summer holidays for me, i was going to go to thorpe park, go out for countless meals and go shopping to buy this lovely lot! as i live at home, not in student accomodation and luckily do not have to pay rent at home yet, i only have a few things to pay for monthly which means...lots of luxurys for me when i get my loan through! Obviously i won't buy absolutely everything at once or at all, but i do desperately want them all! haha

there are soooo many pairs of ankle boots i want/need at the moment, most desperately are the ones in the top right hand corner which are the Bonny Cuban boots by All Saints, they're a whopping £165, but i think i need them...also as much as i need the red babies from Zara! UGH i can't wait!

i recently realised how lazy i am with my appearance, i say recently but it was a few months ago, i never used to wear make-up and then i used to complain about how shite i looked and i used to always just wear jeans and jumpers and t-shirts, because i'm all about comfort but i've started to dress up a lot more to impress and been getting so many more compliments, it's lovely.

so yeah this is why i'm so excited to buy new lovely thingggggsss!
oh and another thing, i'm redecorating my room so i'm going to put up a post about that when it's done too.
i've been so lazy with blogging!
bleh i'm rambling.


23 September 2012

busy instagramming

these three insta's are from when i went to visit my sister at Southbank in London and we got Burritos and watched the closing ceremony in Victoria Park
new shoes from h&m
my outfit for shrek the musical
random one
kensington before carnival
healthy lunch of melon and parma ham
macca and myself at carnival
paralympic athletics tickets
VERY naughty cookies
the olympic stadium
the orbit
the book i've been reading (looking at pictures)
avocado and bacon roll 
2009 beach body! CRYYYYY
pretty sky
before the pub
KG footwear
underwear shopping
natural yogurt, granola and raspberry YOG
gloomy sky
failing at top golf
mr professional
Covent Garden
Christina and Jack :)
my new mug 
our new conservatory
drunken hair and face
before shopping
my new winter jumpers courtesy of my mummaaa
new sheer shirts courtesy of my student loan...which has not yet arrived :(

6 September 2012

just another outfit

grey tee - topshop
belt - primark
mazi skirt - zara
bag - h&m

wore this little outfit to go shopping yesterday...or more like follow my friends around shopping as i don't get paid until Monday. life's pretty boring atm, i'm spening all my time sitting on the sofa watching films and trying to figure out what to write about for my dissertation/proposal which is due in in a couple of weeks :/ fun! i'm studying photography and want to write about something to do with street or portraiture photography, so if anybody has any ideas please tellllll meeeee...i'm really struggling :'(

soph xx

(p.s sorry about my really weird/seductive faces in these photos)