19 November 2012


 bit a wee bit of shopping when my student loan came (and when i say a wee bit, i mean i spent it all)
 new phone case and KG purse!!
 printed instagram pics!
 me and georg in the forest
 a surprisingly good night out in Watford
neww motel dress - still to be worn
 my new dressing table and chair!
 new zara boots
poor flamingo! haha
 car covered in leaves
 me and my boy BEANIES
 nutty professor
new hamsa hand necklace from UO
 mmmmm yummy winter lunch and blog reading
rach and amber halloween party!
 my boy and me/a cat and the joker
 my new tea mug/bowl
I NEED THIS BAG!!! Vivienne Westwood £500
 h&m skirt i also need!
 chango! meowww
pretty and PINK new bag!
 french roule cheese and tomato pasta!
my anniversary roses from macca :)
 the comfiest piece of clothing i've ever bought
 so much to read, so little time
my boy and me on our 4 year anniversary celebration night
us again :) eeeeee
my surprise! a meal at Jamie Oliver's Barbecoa!
 my delicious starter of Beef Tartare! YUM
 Byron Milkshake!
 finally tried the byron burger! it was A.MAZING
 gorgeous boyyyyy
all black everything
 xmas lights on Oxford Street
another milkshake in Tinsel Town
 managed to fit my new wardrobe, my mum and a laundry basket in my mini, after our trip to IKEA and them being less than unhelpful!
my new biker boots arrived! eeeep
 my treat for passing the 2000 word mark on my dissertation lol
blue on blue on blue

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soph xx

18 November 2012


Selling all this wonderful clothing and moooore on asos marketplace!
if you like the look of anything, you can get it RIGHT HERE!
Soph xxxx