20 June 2012


okay sorry guys...i haven't posted in a while, i've been quite the busy bee! it seems i've managed to gather a fair few more followers over the past 2 or 3 weeks so hiyaa and thanks for checking out my blog i'm glad you like it...havent got much new fashion/outfit stuff to share at the moment really...other than a post on Watch the Throne in Birmingham which was IN-CRED-IBLE! :)
Here are some more instagram's i've been snapping up recently...you can follow me @lakey65


1. CAKE CAKE CAKE CAKE 2. blossom 3. my cute little boyfriend 4. i studded my jacket 5. awesome house along the canal 6. minnie mouse hair 7. canal shot 8. another canal shot - boat 8. another one 9. the fishery inn 10. my sister Queen Katie 11. cake pops (tasty little things) 12.Tito and Fifi the Chiwawas 13. chango the kitty kat 14. macca 15. Magners 16. georgia and me 17. a little lady bird 18. and 19. georgia and me pissing about in the garden. 20. me getting ready for a bikini run at sarahs 21. Buddy the pooch 22. sparkly nails 23. sadies AMAZING uni 24. i scream for ice cream 25. hogwarts aka sadies uni halls 26. monkeys forehead pub haha 27. PIZZA 28. Zizzi's 29. me and my boyfriend 30. watch the throne tickets came 31. me being special 32. rose 33. my first banana cake baked with macca 34. macca loving life on my bike :) 35. feasty but healthy breakfast 36. jack and christina 37. on my way to London 38. giant bull made out of jelly beans in selfridges in Birmingham and macca being silly 39. Birmingham silhouettes 40. pasta penne i made NOM 41. the rose macca bought me 42. what i wore to WATCH THE THRONE 43. breakfast in Birmingham 44. a patriotic bull 45. platform 9 3/4 and lastly 46. the most AMAZING food i had at the Fishery.

I'll have something more interesting for you all to look at soon i promise!
Sophie xxx

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