23 June 2012

bloc party n stuff

 Black Shirt - h&m
Polka dot dress - Zara (ages ago)
Stockings - River Island
Suspenders - Primark
Boots - Marks and Spencer

okay so this is the outfit i WAS going to wear to go and see Bloc Party in London on Thursday night...up until about an hour before we left to catch the train...as i felt slightly uncomfortable because the top of this dress kept falling down and my boobs kept falling out! :( and then when i decided to try something else on...i ripped/laddered my stockings! GRRRRRR... so i didn't wear this in the end haha.

ANYWAY....Bloc Party were incredible, it was their come back gig at KOKO in London and i took my boyfriend for his 21st birthday present :) got caught up in the craziest mosh pit i have ever been in...got elbowed in the ribs, had my hair pulled out a few times, got swallowed up by the crowd when i fell over twice and had my face in so many peoples armpits i can't even remember...i thought i was going to pass out/throw up at one point because it smelt so bad haha! but it was SO awesome!

We also went to see Jay-Z and Kanye West performe for Watch the Throne in Birmingham last week which was equally amazing! here are some of our photos :)

 first of all these are the prettyful birthday cakes i made macca :)

my compact camera is a load of CRAP, so the photographs i got of both of the gigs are also CRAP...i intend to buy a new one before New York...i took these with my Canon DSLR :)

More sooooon xxx


  1. I love bloc party! I had no idea they were having a comeback gig! Gutted :( I love how you styled your disco pants, and that polka dot dress is too cute! Xx

  2. You look gorgeous, love the polkadot dress! x


  3. Your style is so lovely, Im now folloing you!


  4. Hi! I like your blog! may be let's follow each other? if u want) I'll be very happy!)