23 May 2012

start of summer

helllooooo again!
it is such a B-E-A-UTIFUL day, the same as yesterday and i am so lucky to have NOTHING to do (so glad i didn't agree to do any extra hours this week), so i can lounge around in the sun, and finally get some sort of real tan! Yesterday i spent the day with Georgia and Amy, we went into town quickly so i could post some things i sold on eBay and then mooch for a bit, we then went up to the pub to grab a quick lunch - we had a plate of 30 chicken wings, breaded prawns, nachos and curly fries...not exactly healthy but nevermind, we couldn't finish it anyway! Me and Amy also grabbed a quick Pear Magners Cider and i (the lightweight) managed to get a little tipsy...soooo we then we decided to go to the shop and  buy some bottles of wine and head back to Georgias to clean her car and get drunk in the afternoon haha WOOPS! oh well it's summer summer summer time. After that we came back to mine and carried on the drinking in my backgarden after i whipped on a bikini and lounged around in the sun, until we decided to go and get a sunbed. Sooo a very productive day but by about 7pm when we had stopped drinking i started to get a hangover :( boo. It was one of the best days of 2012 so far and i'm so excited for more to come...

Today's photographs are of a prospective outfit for friday night when i'm out to celebrate my friends 21st birthday. I might not wear the suspenders and stockings because i wore suspenders last time i went out and i think that may look a bit too slutty, but i just threw them on and liked it. THEN i threw on my ASOS kimono that i've had for about 2 months now and not worn (i haven't really known what to wear it with), it's sheer black and sleeveless with what looks to me like eyes all over it and i absolutely love it! very festival-esque.

oh, and also i've got straight hair...Georgia did it for me yesterday as she is the only one with enough patience to actually do it (i usually give up half way and end up with a fluffy mess)...

 Kimono - asos (in the sale)
Black backless t-shirt - Monki
Mint leather shorts - Topshop
Suspenders - Primark
Stockings - River Island
Boots - eBay
Sunglasses - RayBan

yeahh i took a lot of photos but it was a lot of fun twirling around in the sunshine :) yaaayyyy...this was this morning and since then i have been sunbathing and reading magazines and i am now off for a jog with the girls...determined to get a six pack this summer you see

byeeeee xxx


  1. AH those boots you have on, i ordered a couple of days ago - SO glad I did!
    You look awesome. Love the kimono!
    Hannah xo

  2. what a fabulous kimono, and the sam edleman look alikes are great! :D
    so glad to have found your blog, followed!!

    rebecca x



    I'm glad I've just found your blog as I love your style, sweet!

    ♥ Leigh

  4. I really love your style - those shorts are absolutely immense! Hope you're enjoying the sunshine m'dear! x

  5. I LOVE that kimono! I'm gonna have to go on the hunt for one of them!

    Love your blog!

    Love from a new follower



  6. Great blog!
    Visit my blog and if you like it: follow each other (gfc/bloglovin/facebook)

  7. woww this is amazing <3 that kimono is insane!

  8. great outfit and lovely combination :) works everything so well with each other.
    and the kimono suits you so well, dear!



  9. Love how you've styled the mint shorts! :) x


  10. i've been umming and arring about these boots for ages! lovely outfit :)

    1. i did too...and i won't lie, they fell apart within 10 minutes of walking in them, so i had to super super duper glue them back together, they are lovely and sooo comfy but i wouldn't recomend them :( thankyou x

  11. Gorgeous outfit! That kimono is magical! is it still available on asos? xx


  12. Your kimono's an absolute beauty, love your tattoo as well! x

  13. looove your kimono! looks amazing on you!
    now following :) x


  14. Your very good at taking photos!
    Goodluck with the photography!

  15. Lovely outfit! I absolutely love the kimono.

    Tanesha x

  16. Love your style, so happy I stumbled across your blog; definatley following! Love the kimono and those boots are in my eBay wishlist xx

  17. love that kimono
    so cute and great for the summer, i love your blog


    follow each other