18 January 2013

enough clothes to keep me going...

thought i would do a big fat haul of alllll the sales items ive bought over the last two weeks, since my student loan rolled in and i got paid! Just a few cheapy bits as i didn't want to splurge on anything because im saving for holidays! i've also included some of the bits i got for christmas, and i apologise for only just getting round to doing this, i broke my DSLR on new years eve, when it had a drink literallu poured onto/into it :( so it's at the reapir place hopefully (fingers crossed) being fixed! I bought myself a new compact camera yesterday though a Fujifilm Finepix F660, which is goooood, so i took these... 
 beige cardi - h&m £10 - had been looking for this cardi for months then found it, but they only had a size 16, so i bought it oversized.
 Vanessa Velvet Skater Skirt - Missguided £13.29
Leather Contrast Knitted Dress - Missguided £19.99
 Patenet Clutch - Monki £5
 Fluffy Skirt - h&m £10
 Long Sleeve Peplum T-Shirt - Missguided £10
 Leopard Print Skirt - h&m £7
 Multicoloured Tie Dye Maxi Dress/Cardi - Sheinside £18
 Pink Tweed Jacket - Mango via Asos £60 (muma got me this for christmas after i sent her my asos wishlist. hint hint)
 Hotpants both Topshop £15 & £18 (Cant decided which ones i'm going to keep because i'm pretty sure i don't need two pairs of red hot pants for summer)
 Roll Up Shoulder Bag - Monki £18 from £40 (Real leather, thought it would be perfect for nights out and city breaks)
 My mum actually brought this cardi back from work, she works in fashion and they often have sample sales where everything is dirt cheap! perfect for lounging around and being cosy!
 These were an extra christmas gift from my mum, she wasn't going to give them to me as she found a load of other stuff that i wanted after wards but she showed me them and i love them! So cute for summer...I wont be wearing them until it stops raining and the sun starts to shine!
 Heeled Chelsea Boots - eBay £26 (thought these would go with everything for a night out!)
 Top £5 Necklace £7.99 both h&m (h&m gave me a £5 giftcard before the new year to spend between the 1st and 14th, woooop! Perfect combo)
 Vintage Jumpsuit -House of Jam via Asos Marketplace £36 (This photo really doesn't do it justice, in fact i feel a bit sorry for it, but it is perfect on and i'm sure you'll see me where it soon!)
Last but not least, i took this photo on Christmas Day of all my little presents! I recieved a Michael Kors Watch, DVD and Born Free vest from my boyfriend, Scarf, Jacket, Diary, The Paradise Book, Leopard fur hat and a Cardi from my Muma, Olympic Hoodie and Purse from my mums boyfriend, The Hunger Games Trilogy, Miranda Harts 'Is it just me?' and a head scratcher/massager from my brother, Lens mug and a huge heart shaped photo holder from my sister and Lady GAGA fame from my boyfriends family and Loccatine smellies from my Grandparents! Phew! I felt extremely spoilt this year and am grateful for all i recieved!

Hope this is a decent enough post :)
more soon.
Soph xxx

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  1. The velvet dress and chelsea boots look amazing! :D