28 October 2012


just letting you guys know i am alive and that i haven't been up to much, therefore haven't been wearing anything nice enough to photograph :(
i have a terrible hangover today, after the best fancy dress halloween party at my friends last night.
just wanted to give you all the link to my little asos marketplace shop VintageLakey as i'm selling a bunch of stuff on there that i'm keen to sell sell SELL!
you can have a peeek here.

more soon, i promise
soph xxx


  1. Glad you had a great haloween, mine was boring and had nothing to dress up for:( Great jeans and your hairs so pretty makes me wish I hadnt chopped 7 inches of mine off! x

  2. You are so gorgeous, I love your hair!

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  3. Your hair is amazing. Serious hair envy right now.

  4. Your striped jeans are so cool! Your hair is amazing too xx