23 September 2012

busy instagramming

these three insta's are from when i went to visit my sister at Southbank in London and we got Burritos and watched the closing ceremony in Victoria Park
new shoes from h&m
my outfit for shrek the musical
random one
kensington before carnival
healthy lunch of melon and parma ham
macca and myself at carnival
paralympic athletics tickets
VERY naughty cookies
the olympic stadium
the orbit
the book i've been reading (looking at pictures)
avocado and bacon roll 
2009 beach body! CRYYYYY
pretty sky
before the pub
KG footwear
underwear shopping
natural yogurt, granola and raspberry YOG
gloomy sky
failing at top golf
mr professional
Covent Garden
Christina and Jack :)
my new mug 
our new conservatory
drunken hair and face
before shopping
my new winter jumpers courtesy of my mummaaa
new sheer shirts courtesy of my student loan...which has not yet arrived :(